Friday, February 20, 2009

I am doing really well although I have to admit that I do miss home. It's not the kind of missing that draws you back, just the healthy, natural missing of friends and family. I absolutely love it in Uganda and I am finally starting to feel settled in Gulu.

It's been a pretty overwhelming first month but I have enjoyed every second of it. I have been all over the country over the last month. I arrived at the Entebbe airport then spent some time in Kampala. A couple days later we drove up to Gulu. The week after that I went to the Ssese Islands on Lake Victoria for a staff retreat. Then to Kitgum for a meeting with the local elders about a big event IC is putting on in March. The following Sunday I drove out to Murchison Falls National Park for a safari and to visit the Nile waterfall. Next I went to Jinja and bungee jumped over the Nile River and also white water rafted on the Nile. As you can see... I've done a lot, learned a lot and grown a lot.

It's pretty amazing to feel as though you have finally arrived in the place where you are most called to be. I've met lots of expats in the area and made great connections with local NGOs and ministries. I have also found a great church called KPC Gulu, which is home of the Watoto Children's Choir that has visited Kelowna.

Work has been a bit of a challenge although I am finally starting to settle in. When I arrived at the office I found out that my position had changed to the Education Assistant of our Schools for Schools program rather than the Administrative Assistant. It's been a big learning curve but I am benefiting so much from it. All in all its been pretty spectaculer, the most eventful five weeks of my life.

Love you all!

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